On the other

On the other All this live variety of the individualexperience sated for the child the concept edge with personal sense.

On the other hand, familiarizing of the child with folklore understandingsubjects of edge lifted its personal experience on height ~ the world in lullabies songs and drawings of small childrengeneralizations also gave to this concept also magic sense.

Such ~the child is capable to catch lovy shades is more senior ~ than years in it a cart ~begins raising active formation of symbolical function of consciousness,that is shown and in products of own creativity of small children.

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As the child

As the child Unfortunately, parents often perceive the vitalimpressions of the child as an idle talk to which there is no need to listen, orsimply as the amusing situations which do not have deep sense.

As the child becomes more senior, in early teenage a cart ~growing in his behavior there are new tendencies.

There comes the third phasedevelopment of transport which it is possible to call experimentally ~sky.

On this phase the passion to an eksperimentirovaniye is obviously appreciable and indulged ~the scientific research institute to be the slave to circumstances.

It is possible to tell that the child is already enoughit is adapted not to adapt any more.

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The smoke

The smoke Some children can independently have a rest, others need the help of parents.

Kids love, when to them quietly talk, slightly shake them, it operates soothingly.

Smoking round the child Researches show that smoking round the kid brings it a lot of harm.

The smoke exhaled by the smoker, contains about harmful substances.

At passive smoking the child inhales a cigaret smoke which is extended by people smoking near it.


With the advent of the child came to ask insistently time adults to leave the house during smoking if by this moment they yet did not throw the addiction.

When the child inhales a tobacco smoke, it increases risk of development of infectious diseases of respiratory ways, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, problems with breath after the general anesthesia are possible.

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Uchebno~pedagogichesky The sizes of a table, its location in space of a room, We will concern the same feature of children's perception at the end of where it will be a questionabout constancy of an image of mother.

Piaget Zh.

Speech and thinking of the child.

M L.


uchebno~pedagogichesky publishing house, Page in a force field of human relationship also can express ~the alny status and consequence of the owner also will carry out these functions evenin its absence.

But also quite mature person knows, how important happens in social to a sieve ~atsiya to designate the place, to fix it the participation, the existence,with which others should be considered.

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This invaluable

This invaluable If the image of a being dismissed bud of a rose was fallen in love so by poets as blossoming of children's soul should be fine.

This invaluable treasure, our guiding star and a support, we angrily trample down feet, damnin as mad.

The child does somethin suffices hands, despite remarks it is occupied with exercises necessary for the development and shows so much force that we sometimes are compelled to recede.

As it is persistent, as breathes, cries for hunger, rises on legs, trying to learn to go, the kid reaches for the subjects useful to it.

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